About Dreamy Coco

Dreamy Coco is a magical girl inspired makeup created by two sister with shared love of anime and chocolate. Our goal is to make everyone of any complexion feel truly magical✨.

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  • Dreamy Strawberry

    Coco Jones a.k.a (Dreamy Coco) is the mascot and leader of the Dreamy Guardians. She is based on the flavor strawberry truffle. Coco is very patient and empathic however she can be stubborn at times. She has the ability to read minds and Astro project herself and others Into the dreamscape.

  • Dreamy Mint

    Olivia Smith a.k.a( Dreamy Mint) is the oldest member of the dreamy guardians. She is based off the flavor mint chocolate. Olivia is elegant and well-mannered however she has the tendency to be stern to her fellow guardians due to her age. Olivia is excels at long rang attacks and strategy. She is able to launch multiple attacks at a time.

  • Dreamy Vanilla

    Yazmine Evans a.k.a ( Dreamy Vanilla) is the youngest of the dreamy guardians. She is based off the flavor vanilla mocha. Yazmine is soft spoken and timid but will speak up when push comes to shove. She specializes in healing and acts as the team's shield.

  • Dreamy Cherry

    Nia Jones a.k.a( Dreamy Cherry) is Coco's older twin sister. She is based off the flavor cherry truffle. Nia is honest and open minded but she can be a bit impatient sometimes. She has enhanced physical strength and specializes in close range attacks.

  • Dreamy Caramel

    Chanel Watkins a.k.a ( Dreamy Caramel) is the second oldest dreamy guardian. She is based off the flavor caramel fudge. Chanel is a business woman who is witty but has the tendency to be vain from time to time. Chanel specializes in magic and long range attacks making her a great line of defense

  • Charlotte the Sheep

    Charlotte the Sheep is an high-rank angel sent from heaven to aid humanity from the threat of Erebus, the God Of Darkness. After seeing Coco's willingness to aid others she bestowed her the ability to enter the dreamscape.